International Education and Services

International Education and Services Limited is a company that specialises in providing aid to students from overseas who are looking to study in the United Kingdom. We provide the best possible service, ensuring that all international students that come to us are treated fairly in their host country and have all the facilities they need to have a productive stay in the UK.
We also provide a range of other services for international businesses, as well as translation services, internships for international staff, medical services and advice and even website designing.
We have benefitted from over three years of experience in this domain, and we are constantly improving the quality of our service to ensure the best possible aid to all who come to us. International Education and Services Limited was created on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, and we aim to pass these qualities on to any international student or business that utilises our services.
Benefiting of over 3 years experience in this domain the company has been created based on strong knowledge and experience.

Summer School Program

This program offers a short tern 4 to 8 week course in the UK for any international student who is interested in studying in Great Britain. The course aims to improve on their English in preperation for taking on a full international course, and is available for a large range of students, including under 18′s
The package comes in both full and half package form. The full package includes both study facilities and accommodation (bed and breakfast or bed only depending on preference). The half package includes study facilities only.
For more information on these short courses contact us on 0044 (0) 7501278045 or email us at

Company Information

International Education and Services Limited foster relations, contacts and transactions with a number of companies the North African region, including Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as a host of other countries spanning the globe. We provide aid in a number of different domains, but we specialise in the education sector.
We can facilitate successful dealings with any international company, including arranging for translation and travel services alongside other services to ensure a successful business relationship is fostered between you and your international client.