General Services

Services for Businessmen

  • We aim to facilitate the trasportation of goods between your business and a business in a foreign country.
  • We provide information on commercial transactions with foreign companies, ensuring that these transactions are carried through correctly.
  • We provide excellent translation services for a range of foreign languages, including English, French and Arabic.

Travel and Tourism Services

  • We provide contact with a large amount of international tourist destinations and services, ensuring that the client’s travels happen smoothly and with no trouble
  • We arrange for bookings in the hotel.
  • We provide a reception and pick-up service at the airport upon the client’s arrival.
  • We schedule and organize activities for international tourists to ensure that they get the most out of theit visit.

Medical Services

  • We arrange for the reception and acceptance of international students into a hospital or health clinic if they require medical aid.
  • We ensure that we study our client’s medical history to ensure that a hospital or medical professional has all the information they need to provide adequate treatment to the client, such as prior conditions and allergies to specific medications.
  • Aftercare to ensure the client is well on the road to recovery.

Legal Services

  • We provide full guidance and expert advice on the visa application process of the host country, ensuring that international students have the best possible chance of securing a visa.
  • Review and appeal services in the case of a visa refusal.
  • Full representation for the client in court if the visa application is refused.

Translation Services

  • We provide top-notch translation services to ensure that our international students and businessmen can always communicate what they need to the people in the host country.
  • We provide services for a range of languages, inclulding Arabic, English and French, to ensure that their is minimal confusion at all times.