About Us

We at International Education and Services Limited offer top notch educational services, in addition to providing a whole host of other services for a range of businesses.

We specialise in providing aid to new international students, ensuring that all of their needs are met so that they can have as comfortable a studying experience in the UK as possible. We aim to provide guidance to international students in a range of ways, such as making sure they have good and secure accomodation, arranging for pick ups and many more services besides. We aim to remain committed and professional at all times so that we can provide the best service possible to all of the international students who contact us.

In addition, we aim to help businesses understand the complexities and issues involved in this area. From information on starting up a business outside of your home country, to tips on how best to expand this business or utilise international students and graduates, International Eduation and Services Limited provides the best service possible to ensure all of our clients are happy.

Company Director Mr Abdelmalek Rezzoug is extremely dedicated to the job and as such has dedicated his time to ensuring a superb knowledge of the laws and customs of the receiver country. As such, he is able to provide the best advice possible for anybody who utilises International Education and Services Limited, ensuring that all who vome through the company have all the information they need to respect the laws of their receiver country. In doing so he maintains a strong reputation, built through hard work, that all international students and businesses can benefit from.

For any enquiries please get in touch and we will be more then happy to offer our services.

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